Costume Designer




Romy Itzigsohn was born and raised in Los Angeles, although it took over 10 years for her to commit to living there by choice. Starting out working in the world of fashion, Romy gained extensive knowledge about both the creative and practical side of creating garments. After this time, she began to work in film and media production, producing content for various outlets around the world. Eventually she realized that these worlds could get together and a career in Costume Design was begun. To date, Romy has designed over twenty feature films, as well as countless short films and commercials.  

Her approach is built upon collaboration with Directors, Actors, and other Department Heads to ensure that the world is fully realized on camera. This has allowed Romy and her collaborators the opportunity to create truly unique characters and stories of all kinds.  From the fantastic to the mundane, she strives to understand the particularities of any given subject - tailoring her approach appropriately, without being rigidly tied to any specific or preconceived aesthetic.  

Some of Romy’s favorite projects include “Wyrm” (Directed by Christopher Winterbauer/ Produced by Endeavor Content) an amusing and dark take on retro-futurism seen through a child’s eyes; “The Oath” (Directed by Ike Barinholtz/Produced by QC Entertainment) a timely and disturbing political look inside an American family; “Adopt A Highway” (Directed by Logan Marshall-Green/Starring Ethan Hawke) an intimate story about a man recently released from a long prison sentence and the dumpster baby who teaches him to love; transforming Rene Russo into a hard-partying ex-groupie in "Frank & Cindy”; designing a range of 1980’s bicycle racing gear for Andy Samberg, Jeff Goldblum, Daveed Diggs, John Cena, in HBO's comedy “Tour de Pharmacy”; creating characters for the Bob Odenkirk led noir comedy “Girlfriend’s Day”.